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Your biggest defense against a recession: Adaptability

SalesRehab - 04/05/2020 - 0 comments

In South Africa, every year, 27 April we celebrate our country’s Democratic Freedom.

For the past 26 years, this day has marked the beginning of a free life for all the people of South Africa and presented a historic day of global significance.  Freedom day required celebrations regardless of COVID-19 with its unprecedented consequences.

The “lack of freedom” that we are currently experiencing, almost represents a dichotomy of what 27 April represents in the lives of South Africans.  It is just bizarre.

Globally the outlook and economic predictions are bleak in terms of returning to some form of known normalcy both in business and life.  Let’s review the facts, numbers, data and models that the media throw at us.  What are our options?  How do we strategise for the unknown?  Can one strategy apply to all businesses?  Definitely not!

As an entrepreneurial business, we believe this is where small businesses have an advantage.

We sense that we should dig deep, go back to the roots and remember WHY…

Why did you start the business in the first place?  What were your thought processes?

Do any of the following sound familiar?  How many are still relevant?

  • You have a natural ability to identify a need in the market place.
  • You have worked in a large organisation and wanted to do things differently.
  • You need flexibility in your career, in decisions, in relationships.
  • You need a work-life balance.
  • You want to own your success and your failures.
  • You are confident in your ability and your solutions.
  • You have the nerve to take risks.
  • You want to be responsive and adaptable, without the red tape.
  • You are passionate about what you do.
  • You value the people close to you and those who contribute to your business.
  • You are motivated, disciplined and self-driven.
  • You are resourceful. You have experienced adversity before and have come out the other side.
  • You are innovative. You thrive on exploring new opportunities.
  • You are a persuasive and inspiring leader.
  • You want to positively influence your own life and the lives of others in your community.
  • You don’t always want to wear a tie to work.

In no way do we intend to trivialise the responsibility or the situation.

As an entrepreneurial business, SalesRehab finds itself in the same position.  We have enormous empathy with the current reality faced by all businesses, particularly in respect of the emotional weight we carry for the well-being of many individuals and their families.

It is time to re-visit your previous brave selves and recreate the vision.  Now more than ever, you are free to do so.


“What small businesses lack in resources and cash, they more than make up for in terms of speed and flexibility. We can be sure of one thing: Irrespective of size, your company’s ability to adapt quickly is your biggest defense against a recession.”

Extract from: Entrepreneur, South Africa

April 2020

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