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Sales Optimisation

With the emergence of Sales Enablement as a business function within organisations globally, the role of Sales Operations is going through its own evolution and clarification trend.


Sales operations is a strategic function, designed to provide a platform for sales productivity and performance by providing integrated methods, processes, tools, technologies and analytics for the entire sales force and senior executives. CSO Insights

Productivity and Performance can only be more effective and efficient through optimization.  Sales Performance Optimization is the discipline of maximizing a sales team’s financial performance over the short, medium and long term by optimizing how it deploys its full set of available resources – systems, processes, people, technology and finance. Some of the most effective sales performance optimization strategies are counter-intuitive, running in the face of conventional sales wisdom.

Sales Productivity and Performance can be simplified to: Generating and Converting Pipeline.  All the steps before, during and after can either improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Sales Process, or deter results.

There are 5 key areas we review in our Sales Optimisation engagement

  • The Synergy between Sales and Marketing

  • Track & Analyse Sales Data in the Sales Process

  • Lead Generation, Qualification & Conversion

  • Sales Data & Trends

  • Technology utilisation

Visibility, Accuracy and Speed are elements that differentiate average from top performing in both direct and indirect sales environments.  Sales leaders’ requirements regarding the quality and the quantity of the data they need for their decision-making processes are becoming deeper and broader at the same time, based on the emergence of the digital age and the explosion of sales analytics and intelligence tools.

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