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Sales & Marketing Alignment

Research has indicated that 70.2% of the buyers wait until after they have fully defined their needs BEFORE engaging with a Sales Person

44.2% Identify the Solution first

20.2% Prefer to only involve Sales to resolve concerns, negotiate pricing and / or purchase and implement the solution.

How do you influence decision making if you only engage with NEW customers during the late stages of the customer journey?  There is no opportunity to present WHY as the buyer’s journey is more than halfway complete…

During the Purchase Process, Marketing and Sales have an opportunity to close this gap.



of Buyers don't believe that their sales reps understand their business well enough

The customer journey is still the same, but has become more complex due to the availability of information, governance regulations and changes in customer buying behaviour. Recessionary conditions have further compounded the pressure on sales people to develop their skills and take on a bigger responsibility than merely informing customers of products and taking orders.

Sales people must add value along the customer life-cycle to remain relevant and top of mind with their customers. With recessionary market conditions, the skills challenges specific to sales, sales effectiveness taking a hit and the customer buying behaviour shifts, the pressure is on so many sales people to take on a bigger responsibility than just informing customers of products and taking orders.

Some of the biggest Execution Challenges Sales leaders are facing today is:

Source: CSO Insights

Inability to Generate Enough Qualified Leads


Difficult Competitive Differentiation


Sales Cycle Too Long


Close Rates not High Enough


Lack of Common Sales Process


Difficulty Establishing Our ROI


Ineffective Sales Process


Onboarding New Hires Takes Too Long


Poor Sales / Marketing Alignment


Losing Existing Customers


Inaccurate Forecasts


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