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Sales Enablement Program results in 127% increase in average deal size

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Sales Enablement Program results in 127% increase in average deal size

Most believe that in sales hard work and doing the basics well, will bring the results. The problem is that these basics are never trained correctly, and are definitely not tracked and monitored.  We decided to engage with SalesRehab who assisted in analysing what our Sales Managers and Consultants were historically achieving, how the teams were being managed and also how they were targeting and selling to our prospective clients.  Our sales strategy was also analysed. From this in-depth analysis a new sales strategy was formulated, along with management structures and daily, weekly and monthly targets for the consultants.

The roll-out of the training of the SalesRehab Sales Enablement Program and Go-Getter system to our national team was done in stages and lasted 10 months. During the process we identified internal champions in order to maintain the training and focus on the strategic plan, and the sales results started improving.

Our outrights sales side of the business was the first to reap the benefits of the process with 18 out of 22 reps achieving target by the end of the financial year.  In the same year, the sales consultant’s average deal size increased by 37%. We also managed to change them from being pure “order takers”, into “hunters” of new business.  The annuity side of our business is more complex with longer sales cycles, however by the end of the year we had managed to increase the consultant’s average deal size by 127%, increased call rates, and managed to get an additional 35% of the sales force to consistently make their monthly budgeted numbers.

A positive side effect of implementing SalesRehab, was the fact that it improved our recruitment criteria for sales consultants, and gave us a tool to use in order to speed up the poor performance management process.



Sales Enablement Program

  • Date

    Oct 1, 2014

  • Skills

    Sales Leadership Training & Coaching | Sales Strategy | Sales Process | Optimisation | Training | Talent Solutions

  • Client

    Ross Anderson, MD - Servest Hygiene & Interior Solutions

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    go-getter, sales, salesenablement, talent, training

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