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COVID-19: Technology vs. People

SalesRehab - 20/04/2020 - 0 comments

For the last couple of years, Technology has appeared as an agenda item on most companies’ annual strategic business meetings.

Internally, the need for automated systems cuts across all functions of an organisation.  We either need an App or an additional piece of software to enable effectiveness and improve efficiency.  To allow for increased productivity, cost-saving and of course, to provide a streamlined customer experience.  Externally, we are continually exploring how Technology can assist in creating customer engagement experience, improve products or position bespoke solutions to solve specific customer pain points.

Thanks to COVID-19 pandemic, that agenda item has leapfrogged all other items!  Even if the need for Technology was already at the top of the priority list of “things to get done” this year, the deadline has undoubtedly been brought forward, as we needed it yesterday

All of the above is pretty clear, and has been discussed at length around the boardroom table, but, are we actually talking about the same thing here?  Does it mean by investing in technology and automated systems, that the company and its employees have miraculously made the transition overnight?  Does advanced technology imply that all people within the organisation are now equipped to perform and meet expectations? Or better yet, work effectively remotely?  What new skills do they need, or will state of the art equipment and new age technology address all our challenges?

It is clear what we expect from Technology, but what do we expect from our people?

  • How will your team manage their time?
  • How do they prioritise tasks?
  • How will you manage your team?
  • How will you lead your team?
  • How does remote working expose vulnerabilities and lack of confidence?
  • How will your sales team maintain relationships? With colleagues? With clients?
  • How will they reach out to potential clients and form new relationships? Relationships built on trust, credibility and loyalty?
  • How do you measure performance?
  • How do you support performance?
  • How do we diagnose our employees’ professional and personal wellness?
  • How do we respond?
  • What is the strategic impact on the Human Resources function in your organisation?

These are some of the questions that pop up. We won’t necessarily have answers to all.

These questions raise concerns, but equally as much excitement.  Can the use of Technology and digital tools guide us in finding a new normal?

The answer is an emphatic –  yes! At least when it comes to people in your organisation.  Through the insights we obtain utilising the Chally Assessment tool for development, we can predict who will need more handholding, who adapts easier to change and who is stuck in the familiar. Understanding how your sales team members can adapt to the needs of clients through understanding their Sales Styles, Skills and Strengths.

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